Nordic Home 北欧创意生活馆,致力于打 造汇集世界一流北欧设计品牌的高端家居 平台。 “为你提供更多充满设计灵感和原创性的 北欧简约高品质生活”是我们的愿景。 创意设计是我们的“灵魂”。 北欧风格自成一派,它以经典简约、兼具 实用性与功能性的面貌示人。 北欧设计注重现代设计文脉的传承与延续, 常以丰富、活跃的个性取胜,原创、不断 革新的北欧风设计是我们的核心所在。 总是以持续不断的变革来保持鲜活的 生命力。

Nordic Home is committed to creating a high    end home furnishing platform that brings

together world-class Nordic design brands. Our vision is to provide you with more simple and high-quality life in northern Europe full of design inspiration and originality. Creative design is our "soul". Nordic style becomes a school of its own, it shows a person with classic and contracted, hold the appearance of practical sex and function sex

concurrently. Nordic design pays attention to the inheritance and continuation of modern design context, and often wins with rich and active personality. Original and innovative Nordic style design is our core. And always with the continuous change to keep alive the vitality.